Darbi G.

Hi! I am Darbi. 
Being a female myself, I understand how much it means to not just look beautiful, but FEEL beautiful. I also know how easy it is to dwell on our imperfections. I think that is why I love shooting boudoir photography so much. Every time, I get giddy when I realize how empowered my client feels. And I truly know how wonderful it is that my clients trust me with such intimate photos. I have been on the other side of the lens myself when I had my own boudoir photos taken before my husband and I started a family. I can speak firsthand to the fact that doing this for yourself (even under the guise that it's for that special someone) will be one of the BEST decisions you ever make. It's a way to recharge your inner beauty and step into the world with a confidence similar to what you have after you get a new cut and color that you love. Only multiply that by 100. Seriously. 

 If you're remotely nervous or feeling too self-conscious about taking sexy photographs, don’t worry, that just means you’re normal. Put aside your issues with your hips or your tummy. I will do what I can to hide your trouble areas and bring out the parts about you that you’re proud of.  Once you see the images, your positive body image will sky rocket. (I pinkey-swear!!) And once your man sees them … well, let’s just say... his jaw will drop


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