S&S raves

Admittedly, boudoir sessions aren't for everyone. But they are definitely something to consider if you're a woman who has a secret desire to feel indescribably beautiful & a tad naughty..... and have hard evidence of the day you stepped out of your shell and let your sexiness unfold. 
Here are what past Sugar & Spice clients are saying about their experience with Darbi G. Photography:

I wanted to surprise my soon-to-be-husband with some fun pictures on the morning of our wedding and I could not be happier with how everything turned out! I looked through a lot of boudoir photographers in KC, but as soon as I came across Darbi's photos I knew I had to go with her. Her pictures are a perfect mix of classy yet sexy, and they all looked so natural, not at all cheesy or overdone, which is exactly what I was looking for. She was amazing to work with – I felt so comfortable and she made the photo shoot a lot of fun and not awkward at all. I walked out of there feeling very confident, both in myself and that my wedding gift was going to be the best surprise ever! I was more than pleased with how the pictures turned out and my husband loves them, too :) I couldn't have asked for better pictures or a better experience!                      Mrs. K

When the idea of doing a boudoir shoot came to me as a "fun" Valentine's Day gift for my husband, it seemed perfect. I knew it would be something he'd be totally surprised to get from me--and I knew I'd probably have just as much fun with it as he would. I decided to work with Darbi G. in Kansas City because it was very important to me that my pix come out classy and sultry. In the back of my mind I was thinking about my kids running across these photos decades from now and thinking "MY MOM WAS HOT!" and not being appalled or embarrassed by them! 
My husband was totally surprised when he unwrapped his Sugar & Spice book. He had no clue I had done the shoot, and his reaction was, "I have a hot, hot wife!" He even used one of the more subtle pix as his wallpaper on his computer---I think even he wanted to show them off a bit.
My Sugar & Spice photos are something my husband and I will have forever. He keeps an album of them hidden on his phone and says he peeks at them when he's out of town for work. Whenever I'm feeling a little down, I'll glance at my album as a reminder that even after two kids and the demands of being a working mom, I've still "got it." What woman doesn't need a reminder of that every now and then? A Sugar & Spice session really is a gift for the both of you--not just him!
 Mrs. S

Doing a boudoir session with Darbi behind the lens was one of my all-time favorite parts of the wedding-planning process. I said I was doing it for my husband-to-be, but all along, I knew it was really for me. I had been working out hardcore to get in kick-butt wedding shape, and I was totally game for showing off my efforts. Even if I hadn't been, though, there is no way to come away from a session with Darbi and not feel 100 times sexier than when it began. She knows how to make you feel instantly comfortable in front of the camera and how to make it less about sex and a whole lot more about fun—and nothing looks sexier than someone who is having fun.

Still, I was astonished by how awesome the photos turned out. In fact, I even had to ask Darbi if she'd done a lot of Photoshop manipulation on some of them because I couldn't believe I could look like that (she didn't, for the record).

When I showed my husband the gallery on our honeymoon, he of course, went crazy for them. But regardless of what he thought, the confidence boost I got from doing the session in the first place is what really made it worthwhile. I'd recommend the session not only to every bride-to-be, but also to any woman looking to feel a little bit better about herself. You will, I promise!
       Mrs. P

I wanted to take boudoir photos to give to my husband for our fifth anniversary.  I had a work conference out of town, and he came along to work from the hotel. He made reservations at a lovely hotel downtown for the weekend once the conference meetings were over and had wine and roses waiting in the whirlpool suite when I got back.  I donned one of the outfits from my shoot and came out of the bathroom with the photo book with the images from the Sugar & Spice session. He was SO surprised to see what I was wearing and was THRILLED upon opening his gift.  He said the best part was that I did something so 'out there' for him by leaving my comfort zone to be in the pictures.  Of course, he thought the quality of photos was incredible. I can’t thank Darbi enough for working with my schedule, for answering all my questions, for making me feel comfortable doing something so out of my element as I posed for the photos, and most of all -- for delivering a final product that exceeded all my expectations. 
Mrs. O