Sugar & Spice: Ms. S in Kansas City

For real. She is. She's a mother...of two. And she has a hip job for a hip company. And she is hip herself.

These images were taken at the ever-charming Orchard Hill Bed & Breakfast in Lawson, Missouri. It's not one of those doily and fake flower b&'s a great balance of luxury meets rustic charm. Highly recommend it!!! wonderful that Ms. M gave me permission to post pics of her face!!! Cuz she's BEAUTIFUL. Times ten. She looks like a cross between a 50s pin-up, Christina Aguilera (sp?) and some sort of exotic creature. Sigh. JEALOUS.

and here we go....all posted with permission.

Kansas City boudoir photography-MsS-100Kansas City boudoir photography-MsS-101

Kansas City boudoir photography-MsS-102Kansas City boudoir photography-MsS-103

Kansas City boudoir photography-MsS-104

Kansas City boudoir photography-MsS-105Kansas City boudoir photography-MsS-108

Kansas City boudoir photography-MsS-106Kansas City boudoir photography-MsS-107

Kansas City boudoir photography-MsS-109

Kansas City boudoir photography-MsS-110Kansas City boudoir photography-MsS-111

Kansas City boudoir photography-MsS-112


  1. Day-um, girl's got some ABS in pic #2. Beautiful!

  2. My favorites are the ones sitting on the tub and in the shadows of the bookcase. I guess my style is shy and sheepish! Your client looks great in all though!


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