Sugar & Spice: Mrs. K in Kansas City

Mrs. K wanted to get these photos done as an anniversary gift to her husband. I am sure he was absolutely thrilled to see how toned and beautiful his wife is! And thank you for allowing me to post photos of the LOVELY FACE at the top of such a fab body!

Kansas City boudoir photography-MissK-102Kansas City boudoir photography-MissK-101Kansas City boudoir photography-MissK-100

Kansas City boudoir photography-MissK-103Kansas City boudoir photography-MissK-104

Kansas City boudoir photography-MissK-105Kansas City boudoir photography-MissK-106

Fave on the lefT!
Kansas City boudoir photography-MissK-107Kansas City boudoir photography-MissK-110

Kansas City boudoir photography-MissK-108Kansas City boudoir photography-MissK-109

Kansas City boudoir photography-MissK-112Kansas City boudoir photography-MissK-111

And another all-time favorite. So soft and mysterious.
Kansas City boudoir photography-MissK-113

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