Sugar & Spice: Mrs. J in Kansas City

It's been soooo long since I've updated this blog. For two reasons... first off, I haven't had any sessions where the client gave me permission to use her face. And secondly, with being pregnant and busy as all get out, I've let this blog slip through the cracks.

But it was my New Year's resolution to get at least one fresh post up before the baby comes. And I'm so glad that it's one of my all-time faves...and that Mrs. J was confident enough to let me post photos of her BEAUTIFUL face. And her long legs. And her spunky smile. She, my dear blog readers, is gorgeous!! This was a gift for her husband of a few years...and unlike most of my clients, she told him she was doing it for him. The suspense KILLED him... and I've heard he was head over heels with the images that he's now one of my biggest fans. ;)

So feast your eyes on this....and once the baby comes and I get caught up with life in general, I will post some faceless shots from the past 6 months. :)


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